Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cabin Luggage Sizes Guide

Lightweight Antler Cabin Suitcases

We all want to save money!  Hence the popularity of the low cost airlines when we travel.  To save even more we can choose to travel only taking cabin luggage with us, but what is the maximum size that we're allowed.

Generally if you're travelling with the schedules carriers, they follow the IATA maximum size of 56x45x25cm - these are the overall dimensions including all the handles and wheels etc.

The low cost carriers often have lower limits - for example last July Easyjet introduced a new maximum size for 'non-chargeable' cabin luggage of 50x40x20cm.  Unfortunately when this was introduced no one seems to have checked how many cases were on the market that were within this limit - not many!

Don't forget that in today's dynamic world limits do change, and it seems almost inevitable that in the quest to make money airlines will continue to change the rules - the fact your case today complies does not necessarily mean that it will continue to so so in the future.

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