Friday, 3 January 2014

New Antler Hydra Lightweight Suitcases

Antler Hydra Lightweight Suitcase at Luggage UK

Now that the popular Antler Duolite range of lightweight expandable suitcases is no longer being produced, we have seen sales of the New Antler Hydra range increase dramatically.

While Hydra is styled very differently from Duolite, both are 'hybrid' - this means that they are designed to combine the best features of both hard side and soft side luggage.  this combination gives the strength and durability normally only found on a hard side case with the flexibility and features normally only on soft sided bags.

One major change is that Hydra cases are now all 4 wheel 'spinners' rather than the 2 wheels on Duolite.  This makes moving around the terminal that much easier.  Hydra also has a fixed TSA combination lock rather than a TSA combination padlock supplied with Duolite.

Hydra comes in either cabin or medium (157cm) sizes in a choice of Black, Red or Grey.
The medium size is expandable for when you bring back more than you took with you.

Click here to see the new Hydra range from Antler for yourself.  When you buy your new Hydra don't forget to submit a review on our site so that other customers can benefit from your experience!

If you'd like any help or advice please call us on 01444 417111 or email us outside office hours.

Antler Hydra Medium 4 Wheel Suitcase Grey
Antler Hydra Lightweight Medium Suitcase Grey

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