Friday, 17 January 2014

Sale price suitcase for your winter break

Sale price luggage and suitcases, famous brands

Are the winter blues taking hold?  Need to get away from the bad weather and cold?

Why not book a winter break to recharge your batteries?

Having done that then don't forget to check if your battered old suitcase is still up to the job.

Unless you've bought your case in the last few years, the chances are that it's relatively heavy compared to current models, and is using up more of your valuable luggage weight allowance than is really necessary - could mean not packing that extra pair of shoes!

Many cases today have 4 'spinner' wheels to make moving across the concourse that much easier, and most have TSA locks fitted to help ensure your journey into the USA stays hassle free.

With many cases now coming with a 5 year or in some cases a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects, you can be sure that your investment now will continue to be used for a long while to come.

If you're going on a short trip and want to take your case on board the plane, we have a great selection of cabin size bags and suitcases inclusing those that meet the more stringent EasyJet requirements.

Click here to visit our site and see what's available now!

All the bags and cases with an RRP of £35 or more on our site are either discounted on the page or are eligible for our 10% discount voucher - click on the link on the site for the promotional code 

For help or advice please call 01444 417111 or email us at any time.

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