Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Has the quality of luggage improved over the years?

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Was luggage of yesteryear better made than that available today?

Well maybe, but the requirements of the traveller of the 20th century were somewhat different than those of today's world.

The main difference is associated with the weight of suitcases.

As the era of cheap air fares has arrived, airlines have sought to remain profitable by cramming more passengers into a given space, and as a result have needed to introduce stricter weight limits on the luggage you are able to take with you.  

Many of the lightweight materials used in suitcases today have only been available in recent times, and the design of suitcases has become more innovative in the quest to bring down weights.

Inevitably the number and quality of internal fittings has declined in the quest for lightness.

Consequently many a loft at home probably has one or more 'old' suitcase, structurally quite fit for use, but nowhere near light enough to use on a modern flight.

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