Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Why do luggage styles keep changing?

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How fast are luggage styles and designs changing?

These days most collections from the major manufacturers tend not to be available for more than at most 18 months.  Luggage has become a fashion line rather than just a practical tool.

On the positive side you're likely to be spoilt for choice if your after a case or bag in this season's must have colour, and there is almost a 'one upmanship' developing in having the latest suitcase model. 

Conversley should you wish to add another matching case to you original purchase you need to act quickly, and certainly if your case is more than a couple of years old you'll almost certainly be out of luck.

Apart from for fashion reasons, luggage is evolving as the airlines adjust their cabin and check in size and weight limits in their quest to maximise their profits.  You may well find that a case bought only 5 years ago may be impractical to use today because it's too heavy or too big.

How many of the following old and popular luggage collections can you name?

Antler suitcase for geeks?

Cabin case for London Shoppers?

We'll have pictures of some more old ranges again soon!

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