Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Check you're not overweight before you set off!

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What do you weigh in at?

Not a personal question, but when travelling by air these days your airline will almost certainly have set a maximum weight for your checked in luggage.

How can you ensure that you are within the maximum and avoid an embarrassing scene at the terminal?

Firstly you should carefully plan what you actually need to take with you. Don't forget that you should always pack a few essentials in your cabin luggage just in case you and your suitcase get parted!

Start by identifying the essentials. Next a pair of luggage scales is a must - pack your case and check the weight.  With any luck you'll be well below the limit and have some extra space to pack those quite not so important items.  

If you have a problem at this stage don't forget that you can wear heavier items of clothing or indeed jackets when you fly - perhaps even an extra layer or two!

You may find it will help to buy toiletries when you arrive at your destination to keep the weight down.  Remember that if you're heading off on a beach holiday that you may not need to take very much at all with you - just check that you'll actually be able to wear all that you're planning to take.

Have a final check on the packed weight - if there's a problem you may find that changing your old suitcase for one of the modern lightweight models will help. Also don't forget to check that your cabin luggage complies with the airline's current size limits.

Advice on packing for your holiday from Luggage UK

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