Thursday, 9 October 2014

How Air Travel has changed over 35years

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How much has air travel changed over the last 35 years?

Fundamentally not very much - airports are still the terminals at the start and end of our journeys, and planes are generally still following many of the same routes.

Passenger numbers have grown dramatically particularly since the birth of the low-cost carriers. Larger and more efficient planes have also helped bring down the real costs of air travel.  As time has moved on, more and more of us regard foreign travel as the norm for our holidays, whereas 35 years ago it was still regarded as the exception.

With the ever increasing threat of terror attacks, airport security has certainly improved dramatically.

Many of the well known airlines of the 70s are now long gone such as Pan Am, TWA & British Caledonian, to be replaced by new favourites, Easy Jet, RyanAir etc.

Has the magic of air travel now disappeared? Very possibly as it becomes so familiar to us, and for some a very regular event. 

We've dug out some vintage pictures of air travel in the 1970s - see what you think!

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