Thursday, 16 October 2014

Save time in baggage reclaim

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How to save time collecting your luggage from the carousel.

Obviously you can't influence how fast the baggage handlers do their job, but there are way that you can speed up the identification process once the bags from your flight finally arrive, and in some cases also improve the security of your case as well.

Faced with a sea of black cases which one is yours? There seems to be little to choose between them.

Buying a case in one of the more unusual colours is a good start.  Consider perhaps greens, blues, pinks and silvers.

Using a luggage strap not only aids identification, but can also help guard against your case bursting open in transit.  Many straps are now multi-coloured and so the combination of say a green suitcase with a pink strap should border on the unique!  If your buying a strap and travelling to the USA please ensure that if the strap has a combination lock it is of the TSA approved type to avoid it being cut off during luggage inspection.

Using address tags that are unusually coloured is another way of quickly identifying your luggage, as well as aiding its return to you in the event you are separated.

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