Thursday, 10 September 2015

Antler Liquis Embossed Suitcases are back!

Buy Low Price Lightweight Luggage

Antler Liquis Embossed Suitcases are now once again available for up to Free Next Day Delivery from Luggage UK.

Antler Liquis Embossed Large 4W Suitcase Silver from Luggage UK

The original Antler Liquis Range was one of our best sellers a few years ago, being Antler's first foray into Lightweight Hard Side Luggage.

Antler Liquis Embossed Black Suitcase from Luggage UK

Liquis Embossed's Polycarbonate Shells now have an embossed texture as well as a wavy pattern, making the inevitable scratches less noticeable than on the very shiny original range.

Antler Liquis Embossed Medium 4W BLack Suitcase Interior from Luggage UK
As well as great looking styling, all sizes of Antler Liquis Embossed have 4 wheels for ease of movement, very well fitted out interiors, and a fixed TSA combination lock for easier travel to the USA.

Buy your new Antler Liquis Suitcase from Luggage UK before 3pm on a weekday, and most orders can be delivered next working day with a delivery charge.

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