Thursday, 29 October 2015

Antler Liquis Embossed Luggage continues the tradition

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Antler Liquis Embossed Suitcases are carrying the standard raised by the original Antler Liquis range.

Antler Liquis Embossed B1 Cabin 4 Wheel Suitcase Black from Luggage UK

Liquis Embossed are very similar to the original collection, with Lightweight Polycarbonate Shells for strength to help protect your belongings. Soft-grip leather top and side handles reinforce the feeling that your Liquis is very much a 'luxury product'.

Antler Liquis Embossed Silver from Lugagge UK

To combat the visibility of the inevitable scratches suffered by hard side suitcases, the high gloss finish of the original has been replaced by a 'snake like' embossed finish. The effect certainly gives Liquis Embossed a head turning stylish look.

Antler Liquis Embossed 4 Wheel Medium Suitcase Silver from Luggage UK

The Antler Liquis Cabin, Medium and Large sizes all have 4 Spinner wheels for ease of movement across the terminal as well as  a TSA approved fixed combination lock for easier travel to the USA. The luxurious feel of the range is reinforced by the fully lined interior with packing straps and zipped divider to help you organise and secure your packing.

Antler Liquis Embossed 4 Wheel Large Suitcase Black Interior from Luggage UK

Liquis Embossed is available in either Black or Silver, both of which colours compliment the overall styling.  Order from Luggage UK before 3pm on a weekday, and most UK destinations will enjoyNext Working Day Delivery without additional charge.

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