Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Save time and money - take Cabin Luggage only

Buy Low Price Cabin Suitcases

If your off on a short trip, chances are that you won't want to check in bags when you fly, and that you'll be taking a Carry On Cabin Suitcase with you. 

Buy Low price cabin Suitcases from Luggage UK

Apart from avoiding the hassle of Baggage Reclaim, you may also save yourself some money particularly when using some of the Budget Airlines when you take your belongings only as Cabin Luggage.

Samsonite Neopulse 55cm Cabin Spinner Suitcase from Luggage UK

If you need a new Carry On Case do make sure that you check the maximum size allowed in the cabin by your favourite airline - these do vary and some are less that the IATA size!

Samsonite Short Lite Upright 55cm 2 Wheel Cabin Case at Luggage UK

If you're taking crsushable items in your Cabin Luggage it's well worth considering a Hard Side Cabin Suitcase for extra protection against crushing in the overhead bins. Soft Side Cabin Cases are very useful with most having external zipped pockets where you can put items that you need to get quickly during your flight.

Order you new Carry On Luggage from us before 3pm on a weekday, and as well as our Low Prices, customers in most UK destinations will enjoy Free Next Working Day Delivery of their order.

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