Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Skye Luggage - Very affordable and Lightweight

Buy Sale Price Lightweight Suitcase

Revelation Skye Suitcases are the worthy successor to the original Revelation Weightless range that gave us very affordable Lightweight Luggage several years ago.

Revelation Skye Suitcases in Navy Blue at Luggage UK

With the Large Revelation Skye weighing just 2.4Kg you'll be able to maximise your valuable Baggage Allowance when travelling.

Revelation Skye Cabin Suitcase in Teal on sale at Luggage UK

The Revelation Skye Cabin size has 2 Wheels to help maximise the available packing capacity, with the Medium and Large Sizes having 4 Spinner Wheels for ease of movement across the airport terminal.

Revelation Skye Medium 4 Wheel Suitcase Teal Interior on Sale at Luggage UK

Inside your Revelation Skye Case you'll find a fully-lined interior with packing straps to help secure your clothing. There's also a useful zipped pocket inside the lid.

Revelation Skye Large 4 Wheel Suitcase Black on Sale at Luggage UK

On the outside Skye Cases have two zipped pockets for easy access to items you need when travelling. The large and medium sizes have a side handle in addition to the top handle for convenience.

Revelation Skye Luggage comes in a choice of attractive colours. - order from Luggage UK before 3pm on a weekday and as well as our Low Prices, most UK destinations will enjoy Free Next Working Day Delivery of their order.

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