Monday, 16 December 2013

Are Lightweight Suitcases any Less Strong?

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Are lightweight suitcases less strong than heavier ones?

This is a difficult question to answer.

Ultimately the answer has to be that they are somewhat less strong and durable but this hides that fact that no suitcase is immune from damage caused by the baggage handlers!  If your case is the unlucky one to suffer you will have a problem regardless of the strength!  In such cases please make sure that you always immediately claim against the airline before leaving the terminal.

Suitcases are made lighter by using lighter and stronger materials formed into smaller pieces to provide the 'frame'. Generally this does not result in any practical limitations in the normal use of the bag., but gives you the benefit of not eating into your valuable weight allowance.

'Hybrid' cases use special mouldings to give a lightweight suitcase with many of the benefits of a traditional hard side case, but combined with the flexibility of a soft side, which may also include being able to expand the case.  Click here for a good example - the Antler Hydra.

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