Sunday, 21 September 2014

Buy Revelation Weightless & Nexus before they all go

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Antler's 'junior' luggage brand Revelation has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years built particularly on the success of its Weightless and Nexus collections.

As its name implies Weightless is an ultra-light range of 2 and wheel suitcases that helps you get the most for your ever reducing luggage allowance. Combine this with an attractive range of popular colours and it's easy to understand why Weightless is one of our most popular ranges. See Weightless by clicking here.

Revelation Weightless 2 Wheel C1 Cabin Rollercase Red
Revelation Weightless 2 Wheel C1 Cabin Suitcase in Red from Luggage UK

While still lightweight, Nexus has significantly stronger construction than Weightless, and again is available with an attractive colour choice. Click here to see Nexus for yourself.

Revelation Nexus 4 Wheel Medium Expanding Rollercase Blue
Revelation Nexus 4 Wheel Medium Suitcase in Blue from Luggage UK

We've just heard that Nexus and Weightless along with the remainder of the current Revelation range are to be phased out by the end of this year when new models are due to be launched - so hurry and order yours now before they all go!

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