Friday, 19 September 2014

What colour suitcase will you choose?

What colour would you choose for your suitcase?

Apart from the pure functionality of a suitcase, these days many of us are also concerned with style and perhaps more importantly colour.

Manufacturers in many cases are becoming more concerned with selling a fashion product to keep up, or indeed in some cases start, the latest trends.

That's not to say that factors such as sizing, weight and ease of movement are not important, it's just that in making a final decision we may well be influenced by a particular model being available in this season's colour.

What colour would you choose?

While black continues to be a strong seller, the leader that e see is currently purple. Increasingly new models are being launched with many colour variations available. Today we have cases in pink, fuschia, red, yellow, orange, blue, light blue, purple, silver, bronze, gold, white, black, grey, green and turquoise.

So the chances are that from our selection you'll be almost certain to find the right case in the best colour for your next trip whether it be for business or on your well earned holiday!

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